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Essence of Harris Diffuser Collection

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Breathe in the magic of the Isle Harris. The new Elements Collection, from the Scottish brand, Essence of Harris,  captures the drama and mystery of their remote island home with four evocative fragrances. Rich layers of fragrance capture the majestic landscapes, from pristine coastlines to rolling peat moorlands. Relax and let the Isle of Harris wash over you.

The scented soy wax candles and Scottish home fragrance products are hand poured on the beautiful Isle of Harris using the finest ingredients. It's hard work and takes a long time, but these are memories worth making.


HAARAn earthy blend of fig leaf and cedarwood, with notes of vetiver, tonka bean and leather set on a rich and warming base of amber.

Top: Vetiver & Tonka Heart: Fig Leaf & Leather Base: Amber & Cedarwood

"From time to time, along the dramatic coastline, the haar slowly welcomes its way through our beautiful island. Rolling across the sea, the mist hugs the rugged landscape and sweeps a blanket of tranquillity across the land. A moment of serenity even on the dullest of days."

ARDU: A sensual, indulgent fragrance with top notes of fresh green leaves and bergamot, combines with a warming, rich base of musk, spiced peppercorns, and heartwood sandal to create a creamy, delicate scent.

Top: Wild Nettle & Bergamot Heart: Black Peppercorn & Oakmoss Base: Sandalwood & Musk

"Inspired by the history and provenance of the island, Adru was the first name given to the Isle of Harris itself, on an ancient map by Greek astronomer Ptolemy.  Breathe and take in the aromas of our rugged landscape from the hills in the North, to the rolling peat moorland, and vast glens carved by glaciers."

DUSK: A delicious and vibrant blend of wild rhubarb, crisp sweet apples delicate peony and bright neroli with an intoxicating base of patchouli and musk.

Top: Peony & Neroli Heart:Rhubarb & Apple Base: Patchouli & Musk

"As the sun slowly sets, the world is enveloped in the magical embrace of golden hour. Inspired by warm summer nights where the landscape glows and time appears to stand still. Take a moment to unwind and enjoy the pleasure of Dusk."

MARA: A refreshing blend of samphire and sea minerals, with notes of calming eucalyptus and fresh juniper to cleanse mind, body and spirit.

Top: Samphire & Sea Minerals Heart: Marine Minerals & Sea Salt Base: Eucalyptus & Juniper

"From the pristine coastline to the depths of the clear blue waters, we are shaped by the mara that surrounds us. Derived from the word ‘sea’ in our mother tongue of Scottish Gaelic, the mara is our constant source of inspiration. Escape the stresses of the everyday and dive into the wonders of Mara."

  • Hand-poured
  • Included 5 reeds
  • 225 ml
  • Lasts 6 months 
  • Made in Scotland
  • 2.75" x 10"