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Question Stick Games

$ 20.00

Get the table talking with these Question Stick Games! Cook up conversation and connection among your guests!  Each game contains questions on yellow "noodles".  A great way for families, friends, or coworkers to get to know one another. A wonderful hostess gift too! Choose from 4 themes: Pasta Time, Pasta Time II, Birthday Time or Wine Time.

Pasta Time: Contains 120 faux pasta noodles. The first player to collect spicy, cheesy, meaty and saucy questions wins! 

Pasta Time II: Similar to the original Pasta Time Game with new questions. Close your eyes, pick a noodle and let the party begin. 108 Question Sticks to get conversation flowing. The first to collect spicy, cheesy, meaty and saucy wins! Faux pasta noodles feature questions about Family, Friends, Self, and Pop Culture.

Wine Time: Contains 108 Question Sticks to get the table talking! Share wine facts, personal stories and questions to inspire flowing conversation.

  • Paper
  • Made in USA
  • 11"