Recycled Cotton Fig Pot Holders

$ 8.00

Raine and Humble's eco-friendly products are intended for everyday use. Carefree and comfortable, their recycled cotton items are casual yet sophisticated home decor for kitchen and dining rooms. Recycled cotton uses 33% less agricultural land, 79% less fossil fuels to produce and creates up to 49% less air pollution than like production using new materials. Plus it saves 11,000 liters of water per ton. 

By integrating a recycled fabric initiative and saying no to plastic packaging, Raine & Humble minimizes their carbon footprint at every turn. They are also proud to uphold industry-leading European standards in dyeing and textile manufacture, while proactively supporting their skilled craftspeople in India, ensuring secure livelihoods for their families.

These quilted recycled cotton Fig Pot Holders are thickly padded, yet easy to fold around hot pots and dishes and feature a loop for hanging. Available in 2 colors: Burnt Olive or Ruby.

  • 55% post consumer recycled cotton poly /  45%  pre-consumer cotton
  • Machine wash 
  • Made in India 
  • 8" x 8"