Japanese Chopstick Pairs

$ 10.00

Founded in 1943, Kawai Corporation, is one of the largest chopstick manufacturers in Japan. It has been focused on developing Japanese chopstick culture through designing, manufacturing, and distributing chopsticks throughout Japan and the world. They contribute to the survival and prosperity of the area’s traditional craft, while focusing on the beauty of the modern day chopstick.

Each pair of Kawai's Tetoca chopsticks are made with a different type of fruit tree and are furnished with 100% pure beeswax instead of traditional paint/chemicals or lacquer. They have an octagonal shape at the top, designed for the user to have the easiest grip as well as to prevent the chopstick from rolling off the table and they also have a square shape at the bottom for optimal grip for food. Since they are made from natural wood, some color and grain variations may occur. Choose from 4 wood types: Chataigne (mulberry family), Persimmon, Mandarin, or Prune. 

  • Wood
  • Beeswax finish
  • Handcrafted
  • Hand wash
  • Made in Japan 
  • 9"