Martha's Vineyard Sea Salt - Hostess

$ 27.00

Natural sun-dried Martha Vineyard (MV) Sea Salt is the passion of Down Island Farmers Heidi and Curtis. The large crystals and briny taste are the perfect finish to savory and sweet foods. Perfect for everyday use, and easy traveling companions. These glass containers are topped with a bamboo and silicone lid and  contain 3.5 oz. of 100% natural Martha’s Vineyard Sea Salt, Premium or blend. Better than a bottle or bread, the Hostess is a lovely gift to a new homeowner or to the "Hostess-with-the-Mostest”. Choose Premium or pick a Spice Blend: 

Premium: Perfect atop any cuisine, Premium is the most gorgeous, first-raked sea salt from each small batch.

Herbs de Provence--merges the Vineyard with Côte d’Azur; two vacations in one. It’s just that dreamy. Dust grilled/roast chicken, lamb, fish, and vegetables. And, ohhhh, grilled peaches and Brie!

MV Sea Salt Lemon & Dill is a blend of OG Certified or Island grown herbs sure to please everyone.

Local Smoked Oak imparts that summer grill flavor year round.

Sumac, Paprika & Garlic--This savory blend contains Island harvested Sumac which imparts a lemony note and garlic from Heidi and Curt’s farm to this savory blend.

Turmeric, Cranberry & White Pepper --Inflammation curbing turmeric is blended with tart cranberry and a touch of pepper to activate the turmeric.

Chi'Lim--a chili, lime and cranberry blend; Zingy and flavor-FULL on cut vegetables, as a beverage rimmer, and even a rub for baked tofu, chicken, or pork.

  • 100% natural Atlantic sea salt
  • 3.5 oz. resealable jar
  • Made in the USA