Around the Board

$ 24.99

With 50 inspiring boards that you would actually make, Around the Board is your go-to inspiration for gatherings of every size and type, no matter what time of year. Bring out the beauty of winter with a Wainter Pairings board. Bold, rich flavors with pops of juicy color from pomegranate and citrus are the perfect antidote to dreary winters. Gatherings can go from drab to zesty with very little effort! When Springtime is screaming for a brunch gathering, there is a board for that, too. Al fresco dining and warmer weather are matched with a beautiful display of pastries, granola, bagels, cream cheeses, and colorful, fresh fruit. Whether it's for movie night, sleepovers, birthdays, holidays, Valentine's day, or any unceremonious weekend night, this book offers recipes and ideas for every season and everyday occasions.

Annotated photography offers flexible tips for every element you see on the board. With substitution options and helpful shopping tips for brands and varieties, you can make any board work for you and your family.

Emily Delaney is the founder of Cheese Board Queen, a community inspired by her passion for bringing people together around beautiful boards. Whether she's breading down the steps of a stunning arrangement, sharing expert flavor-pairing tips, or fostering community through workshops, Emily's mission is to take the guesswork out of making delicious boards for all of life's occasions.


  • Hardcover
  • 190 pages
  • Publication date: March 2022
  • 9.5 x 7.75"