BOSKA Copenhagen Cheese Set of 4

$ 30.00

The Cheese Knife Set Copenhagen is a perfect set for home cooks. These lightweight cheese knives are made entirely of stainless steel. With these knives, you can take down every type of cheese. However, they're also handy for cutting other food, such as chocolate. It's a great gift for true charcuterie lovers.

Whether you've got a creamy Brie or a very hard Parmesan, with this set, you can conquer every type of cheese. The Soft Cheese Knife Copenhagen’s narrow blade is designed to keep soft cheese from sticking to it. The Hard Cheese Knife is sharpened on both sides, which makes it extra sharp, with a strong blade tip to break up hard to very hard cheeses. For cheeses in between, the holes in the Cheese Knife Cheesy lessen contact between the cheese and blade, reducing sticking common in those semi-soft and hard cheeses.

With the Cheese Knife Set Copenhagen, you're adding a stylish and practical set to your home. The handles of these knives are hollow on the inside, which makes them lightweight. The three cheese knives are made entirely of stainless steel, which means that they can go straight into the dishwasher after use and come out just as strong to last you for many years to come. Set of 3 knives. 

  • Stainless steel
  • Dishwasher safe
  • 10 year vendor guarantee
  • 8" - 8.5"