Carr's Ciderhouse Items

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Carr's Ciderhouse, an idyllic no-spray orchard and cidery in Hadley, Massachusetts, produces acclaimed artisanal cider products. From their heirloom apples, they craft wild fermented hard cider, cider vinegar, cider syrup, and switchel syrup. Their products are sold nationwide in artisanal food shops and markets and have been touted for their complex flavor and versatility by media including the New York Times, Food & Wine, Town & Country, Real Simple, Refinery29, Fine Cooking, and more. 

Cider Syrup--Also known as ‘boiled cider’, this sweet yet tangy syrup is made much like maple syrup – but from 100% apple cider. It packs a deeply caramelized flavor that will surprise your taste buds with its powerfully bold apple zing! 
Uses: Pour it on pancakes, waffles, granola, and yogurt; drizzle it over roasted vegetables; rub it on pork, ham, chicken, and duck before roasting or to finish in the pan; whisk it into sweet and sour sauces for tofu and tempeh; mix it into cocktails, sodas, and ginger tea.

Cider Vinegar--This lovely full bodied vinegar packs a real fruity punch and is a little sweeter than your average.  Good enough to be sipped straight! Uses: Great for deglazing and dressings. Make natural soda by mixing it in bubbly water.  

Switchel Syrup--This throwback thirst quencher is utterly refreshing and delicious. We make it by sweetening our apple cider vinegar with our cider syrup and then blending them with ginger. UsesThis concentrated syrup can be added to sparkling or still water, cocktails, and even used as a glaze for tofu and chicken. Think of it like a sour ginger ale. So good.

Cider Vinegar --Special Reserve--Robust and deeply flavorful, this is a special small batch of vinegar that has been maturing for over three years and is now ready for release. The oxidative aging process has given it a layered richness and a smooth mouthfeel. There are lingering sherry notes on the finish and it will be a special addition to any vinegar lovers pantry.

  • Glass bottle
  • Made in USA
  • 12.7 fl. oz.
  • 7"