Noble Mick's Single Serve Craft Cocktail Mixes

$ 3.00

Nothing brings people together more than a party. Whether it's a cocktail with friends at the end of a long week or sitting around a campfire at a family camp out. Noble Mick's wanted to create something to make that easier. Not wanting to lug around liquid mixers or keeping tons of ingredients around the house. Noble Mick's makes starting a party anywhere, anytime a snap.

Noble Mick's is a single serve craft cocktail.  Simply follow the directions on the back of each package to make your own cocktail.  Each cocktail calls for a different amount of H2O (or sparkling H2O) and Spirit...but always just one single serve packet of Noble Mick's. Great addition to a birthday or congratulations card!

The word Noble comes from “The Noble Experiment” which is what they called Prohibition. The name Mick's is a play on the word Mix because its a cocktail mix!

Bloody Mary - bold tomato and spice blend ((25 calories)

Cosmopolitan - a refined blend of sweet and tart (25 calories)

Greyhound - simple, tart and refreshing (40 calories)

Ice Pick - ice tea and lemonade (45 calories)

Margarita - a bright blend of citrus and simple syrup (45 calories)

Moscow Mule - ginger, lime and simple syrup (40 calories)

Old Fashioned -orange bitters and simple syrup (25 calories)

Paloma - tart grapefruit and simple syrup (40 calories)

  • Ingredients listed on image for each style
  • Made in USA
  • 16 fl oz
  • Bottle: 7" x 2.75"