One More Book Before Bed Book

$ 17.95

“It’s almost time for falling asleep. Here’s one more book… will you read it with me?

What was your favorite part of today? Will you share a bit about it… before we turn the page?”

More than a book, this is a bedtime ritual of comfort and connection. It’s a quiet place for little ones to process the day and put it away. When parents or caregivers open the pages, they will be guided in creating a nighttime conversation that will settle young minds and bodies. The words will also walk readers through bedtime meditations for toddlers, helping kids focus on breathing, snuggling up, and feeling safe and loved before falling asleep.

Each page is an invitation to begin a brand-new discussion with a little one every night—whether you work through big emotions the day sparked or any anxious feelings around bedtime. As a result, this book is never the same two nights in a row—it will change as the days change and grow as a child grows.

Gift this reassuring book to celebrate a birthday, a baby shower, a holiday, or to welcome the back-to-school season.

M.H. Clark is a poet and writer who has received multiple awards, including the Washington State Book Award and two Moonbeam Children's Book Awards. She has traveled the world and lived in many wonderful places--but she believes she belongs most of all in a little house with a large library, someplace where the forest meets the sea.

Laura Carlin is an award-winning, London-based illustrator and ceramicist. Her awards include the Bratislava children's book illustration award, the Quentin Blake Award, and the National Magazine Award. Laura's work has also been featured in publications like Vogue, the New Scientist, the Guardian, the Observer, the Sunday Telegraph, and the Independent.

Inbar Heller Algazi is a children book illustrator and writer based in France. Her work tries to capture a sens of awe and wonder in the smallest of things. Amongst her books are The book of Gill and Flop (Les fourmis rouges, 2022) and Moumoute and the treasure box (Ecole des loisirs, 2023).

  • Hardcover with debossing and elegant silver foil stamping
  • 4-7 years
  • 48 Pages
  • Publication date: January 2024
  • 9" x 10"