The Wand Wine Filter

$ 24.00

Studies show up to 75% of wine drinkers experience some side effects, from headaches to congestion to skin flush. The culprits? Histamines and sulfite preservatives found in both red and white wine. The symptoms of wine allergies are very similar to those experienced from common allergies to certain foods, or to pollen or pet dander. Some of us are more sensitive to these triggers because of our genetic make-up, and some of us are more sensitive due to changes in our immune systems that develop over time.

Enjoy wine again! The Wand removes the components that cause side effects, without affecting the taste, aroma or color of the wine. PureWine’s patented wine filtration technology absorbs these allergy-causing compounds. No other products are available do this. So now you can say good-bye to the side effects from drinking wine!

Simply place The Wand in one 6 ounce glass. Swirl and soak at least 3 minutes. Savor the wine and skip the side effects!

Portable and disposable. Fits in purse or pocket. Available in 3 or 8 pack of disposable wine filters. The Wave Wine Filter & Aerator sold separately.

  • BPA free plastic, paper filter
  • Made in USA
  • Wand: 5" x 1.25"