Wood Stove Kitchen Cocktail Mixers

$ 18.00

All natural, artisan cocktail and mocktail mixers in unique flavors. Each concentrated mixer has 4-7 whole ingredients in the bottle and can make 8 or more drinks. Made in small batches in New England by Wood Stove Kitchen. 

Flavor profiles and suggested uses: 

Blackberry & SageIt tastes amazingly like blackberries and is complemented perfectly by the soft sage. It is refreshing yet also brooding -- we love it with a bit of bourbon over ice, though it's also an ideal accompaniment to gin, vodka, or rum. Mix it in with a bit of iced tea or seltzer for a refreshing, non-alcoholic drink.

Blueberry & Lavender:  Sweetened with pure clover honey and perked up with a touch of citrus, this mix is perfect for cocktails (with a bit of gin or vodka) or for your iced tea, lemonade, smoothies, or seltzer. Or toss some in your favorite martini or gin and tonic for a beautiful blue color and the taste of Maine blueberries and culinary lavender.

Ginger & LimeThe bright flavor profile is perfect for Moscow Mules or a fun twist on a margarita. The spiciness of ginger and sourness of lime are mellowed out slightly by our signature cooking process, to allow for the perfect sweet and tangy beverage addition.

Grapefruit & Rosemary:  Tart and herbal and perfect for gin or a bit of vodka. These flavors meld together so nicely and the mixer goes with everything from Bombay Sapphire to a bit of tequila or mezcal. Just mix an ounce of this with your favorite spirit and a dash of seltzer. Easy-to-follow directions are on the bottle.  If you're a non-drinker, just toss a shot of this into your seltzer, iced tea, lemonade, or plain water for a simple and delicious mocktail.

Hot Toddy: Soothes the throat and will warm your entire body and help you fight off illnesses like the Coronavirus and seasonal flu. It begins with all-natural cloverhoney, lemon juice, ginger, and a proprietary blend of spices. To make a hot toddy for yourself or your guests, just combine a quarter cup of hot toddy mix with hot water (or tea) and your favorite spirit. Wood Stove staffers love bourbon or rye, but rum, vodka, and brandy also make for a delicious hot toddy!

Rose, Honey & Lemon: The Wood Stove founder was once at a fancy restaurant in Camden, Maine when the waiter brought him their signature cocktail for the 4th of July. It was heavily infused with organic rose petals and given a great twist with lemon. It was pink and floral and utterly delicious. Hence, they have taken the rose and lemon and sweetened them up with some honey and made a remarkably simple and out-of-this-world mixer that is best with vodka, gin, or rum but which is also great just in hot water as a tea or in smoothies or lemonade. Rose-infused lemonade or iced tea anyone? Or add it to rosé wine for a rose rosé sangria. Wood Stove Kitchen tried seven different types of rose petals before settling on the best variety for this mix. 

Sangria Mixer: It has never been easier to make sangria or a sangria cocktail with this mixer. It contains tangerine, peach, and a touch of strawberry along with local honey from New England. It has been described as a "sophisticated Hawaiian Punch", and we don't mind that comparison at all. It's fun and fruity and goes perfectly with red, white, or rose wine. Just mix one cup of the Sangria Mixer with one bottle of wine, and top off with a bit of seltzer or fruit if you're so inclined.

Strawberry & Basil: It's ultimately sophisticated rather than sickly sweet. Use it in cocktails, iced tea, seltzer, and lemonade...or drop it in some red wine for an incredible SANGRIA. 

  • Ingredients listed on image for each style
  • Made in USA
  • 16 fl oz
  • Bottle: 7" x 2.75"