Entertaining a Dream: Greentail Table Opens!

Greentail Table Founder Linda de Valpine

When I think of entertaining or throwing a party, I immediately get excited and my mind starts racing with ideas for a theme, a menu and guests. I think in terms of colors, textures and flavors. I always consider how things will look, taste and be experienced. Details are important to me. I want guests to arrive to a thoughtfully crafted setting.

For me, home entertaining evokes thoughts of happiness, warmth, joy, special moments with friends and family, togetherness, friendships, inspiration, good times, laughter, conversations, twinkling eyes, goodwill, connecting, and excitement. The signs of a successful party are the sense that the evening mattered, that people enjoyed themselves and for the moment at least, all is well with the world.

Working as a merchant in previous chapters of my life, I have always enjoyed the process of putting concepts together: the creative brainstorming, the pursuit of the items that will tell the story, and orchestrating how they will ultimately be presented to the customer. I have long dreamed of how satisfying it would be to bring my own vision to fruition. I am very happy that Greentail Table gives me the opportunity to share my vision for tabletop and home entertaining.

Greentail Table is for people who love to entertain, eat, and spend time with friends and family -- who care about the details and about evoking a look, feel, and experience. It is for kindred spirits, who get excited about stunning handcrafted tableware, naturally beautiful linens, glassware that looks and feels great in your hand and the promise of the special moments these objects can inspire and bring to fruition.

I source globally in order to curate a modern mix of high quality, well-designed and beautifully crafted products for entertaining and everyday use as well for gift-giving. Particular focus is given to goods from the U.S., Europe, and Japan. The collection includes dinnerware, glassware, serveware, table linens, accents, specialty food items, books on entertaining, and more.

I hope you will find something that inspires and moves you!

I look forward to welcoming you to our newly opened Newton storefront and to our online store coming soon!


Linda de Valpine

Greentail Table
343 Watertown Street
Newton, MA 02458

Open Tuesday through Saturday
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